Minimalux Machined Brass Ball Point Pen

£85 From End Clothing UK

Minimalux’s products are made in small, quality driven factories and ateliers across Europe and the UK, some in the very heart of London itself. This brands home and fashion accessories are crafted using bare materials that are hand finished or polished to an exceptional level, after which they are not lacquered or treated in any way. This is to encourage attractive natural ageing characteristics that can be nurtured through use, or brought back to a shine with appropriate cloths and polishes – the choice is yours. Offering longevity and beauty, this ball point pen is sure to be with you for years to come. Designed with careful consideration to weight and balance, this pen is fitted with the latest in ink technology and delivers a smooth and fluid line with every stroke.

Precision Machined Brass Construction
Refill: Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint in Black
Subtle Engraved Logo Branding

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